John Kerr

Chief Digital Officer

John is a PR pioneer, having been at the cutting-edge of digital communications for more than a decade and in the public relations industry for more than twice that time. He has managed teams, driven campaigns for major clients, overseen offices and run lines of business in the US, Europe and across Asia, and now runs Zeno’s operations in the latter.

He joined Zeno having built the digital team for our sister company Edelman across Asia, and oversees a portfolio of major clients breaking new ground in social and digital media marketing around the region. John’s passion for all things futuristic and all things Star Wars are a driving force that is with him at work and at play.

“We’ve always tried to build loyalty with people, and we can no longer rely on that technique. Now, we must build loyalty with information.” Youtility, Jay Baer 2013.

  • News source I can’t live without:Flipboard.
  • Late nights or early mornings:Late nights. Why is it that all critical presentations/deadlines happen before midday?
  • My first client:Microsoft.
  • Social network of choice:WeChat.
  • Best advice I ever received:“The World and Universe are constantly in motion–are you?”
  • Best advice I’ve ever given:“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
  • When not working, I:Learn (Rumi or psychology), language (Javascript or Bahasa) or laugh (with my beloved family).
  • Most Fearless Moment:Every morning when I feel my feet touch the floor.