Angie Moxham

Chief Monkey, Europe

Angie---LifestyleDescribed by PR Week as “one of the industry’s most charismatic women,” Angie has 25 years’
experience in PR, with a reputation for using highly creative, brand-centric, outcome-focused thinking and storytelling to deliver award-winning campaigns. She has always promoted agnostic thinking and tested the boundaries of traditional PR and marcomms thinking and execution – having developed a diagnostic tool around IQ and EQ communications, the first of its kind in the PR industry.

Angie set up 3 Monkeys in 2003, aiming at blue chip clients who wanted a smaller agency culture and service. The agency grew rapidly, picking up numerous industry awards and creating a new force in the UK market. Angie lives in Oxfordshire with her three little monkeys, Tallulah, Delilah and Jude, and a King Charles Spaniel, Mabel.  She joined Zeno Group in 2016.

  • News source I can’t live without:
    • Today Programme and PM on Radio 4
  • Late nights or early mornings:
    • Late nights. Always.
  • My first client:
    • Broadmoor Hospital 
  • Social network of choice:
    • Facebook & Twitter
  • Best advice I ever received:
    • From my Nanna: “If you ever do owt for nowt, always do if for thy sa’en,” (Translation: if you ever do something for nothing, always do it for yourself).
  • Best advice I’ve ever given:
    • Trust your gut.” 
  • When not working, I:
    • Am in the Groucho or with my 3 little monkeys
  • My most fearless moment:
    • Setting up 3 Monkeys