Miracle-Gro Magic at the Tournament of Roses



I went to the Rose Bowl about 25 years ago (I was 10…) when I was a young Hawkeye to watch Iowa play…then I was lucky enough to go again this year.  Although I missed the game, and no longer admit I went to Iowa – I saw something pretty magical, the “Making of the Miracle-Gro float” the very float that was featured in the parade. Miracle-Gro was celebrating California’s locally grown floral industry and pollinators that keep the state beautiful, despite many weather and drought challenges.  The float was the only one with 85%+ flowers coming from the State of California. More than 400 volunteers came to help decorate, spending about 8,000 man hours, talk about passion!  See the float being built here.    

Ok, so on to some Zenoid action, right?  What was very cool about the float, was that with the help of the Zeno team extraordinaire,* Miracle-Gro searched for and brought together community gardeners and farmers from across the state of California who contributed their own flowers to the float and were able to ride the float on New Year’s Day. What an honor!  You may know one of our “Miracle-Groers,” Ty Pennington (hands down the best celebrity to work with EVER), and also Mud Baron.  If you don’t know Mud, he is quite a character and known for “Flowers on Your Head.” 

The float’s design “farm to float” received a huge honor from Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, who announced: “Miracle-Gro will be recognized as the first major brand to support California farmers and its float will be certified CA GROWN by the State of California and the California Cut Flower Commission.” And, to top it off Miracle-Gro was awarded the prestigious Governor’s Trophy for “Best Depiction of Life in California,” one of the best Rose Bowl trophies to win.

More to come about all of the fabulous coverage, but suffice to say Miracle-Gro showed up in the media just about everywhere! Impressions are in the billions.

 – Missy 

*Thanks to the very amazing team of Juliana Sheldon, Annika Tunberg, Alex Stephan, Ricky Alvarado, Jon Keller and the help of Meghann Dowd.  See more amazing photos below!

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