Forwarding the Possibilities: The Interactive Conversation at Tribeca Film Festival

Immersive journalism. Beacon-based interactive story. A sensory documentary experience for one. These are all descriptors for various exhibits, installations and projects that were on display or on stage at Tribeca Film Institute’s Interactive event and the accompanying Storyscapes. From the virtual reality gaming of PaperDude VR to the rope-led Door in the Dark experience, a visitor’s senses and storytelling limitations were challenged, explored and pushed to new innovative frontiers.

The day-long Interactive conference featured many thought leaders who are redefining interactive storytelling and immersive experiences through technology, art, media or other mechanisms. Below are a few insights and tweetable comments from three of the speakers.


Read all about it? The future of The Guardian in video and words

Charlie Phillips, Head of Documentaries, The Guardian

  • The Guardian wants to challenge broadcasters with brilliant content, including documentaries; which appear on the site every Monday
  • The Guardian strives to be open, digital and global; with a global edition launching soon (currently have UK, US and Australia editions; as well as UK and US video editions)
  • The Guardian is building a physical space that represents The Guardian, where visitors can watch films, explore interactive projects and experience a place that is a physical manifestation of open journalism

A Campfire for the World: Doodles and Delight

Ryan Germick, Team Lead, Google Doodles

  • User delight is an experience crafted to exceed expectation and also hard work – try to make the world a more delightful place
  • Think – what’s in it for the user (information, entertainment, validation or vanity)?
  • There have been more than 2,500 Doodles and the first Doodle included a Burning Man drawing

NYC to Tehran

Amar C. Bakshi, Founder & Lead Artist, Shared Studios

  • Portals – in the form of gold, universally available shipping containers – connect communities and people in different parts of the world through an interactive experience in an intimate setting
  • People in New York and Tehran shared a conversation, participated in a collaboration (musicians playing instruments together), bridged cultures and discovered something from a stranger
  • The containers are painted gold to transform the mundane into something sacred – a place where anyone can have a deeply personal and shared experience

Bakshi’s “NYC to Tehran” project symbolizes the portals throughout the Interactive conference – with each one giving a glimpse into the future through an understanding of the past, an immersion into personal journeys, and a wonder at the possibilities.


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