Facebook updates their branded content and advertising policy


Facebook has officially updated its policy to allow verified publishers, media companies, marketers and influencers to post ads and branded content to their pages. Previously, Facebook has banned the sharing of branded content unless it was a part of a paid ad campaign. The latest changes will now allow posts containing text, photos, videos, instant articles, links, 360 videos, and live videos to be shared if it specifically mentions or features a third-party product, brand or sponsor.

In concurrence with this new policy, Facebook has launched a tool to be used when posting promotional content. With this tool, the publisher is required to tag the sponsor in the promotional post. The sponsor will be sent a notification once the brand is tagged and have access to insights on how the post is performing with clicks, reach, engagement, etc. Facebook will then offer additional tools to promote the post, which in turn creates  a profitable incentive for the company to take part in the earnings. 

As branded content continues to become a prevalent force in online advertising, Facebook recognizes the significant opportunities it has to earn from this initiative. Marketers, celebrities and influencers have long asked for this and Facebook has delivered. This is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of the highly lucrative online market on the vast platform Facebook has to offer. 

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