Facebook F8 2016 Recap


That’s a wrap on Facebook’s two day annual F8 conference, which is Facebook’s seminar for developers and entrepreneurs who build products around the social platform. Below you will find some of the biggest highlights from day one and two of F8.

Day One

Facebook Messenger as a Platform– Facebook is opening up Messenger and allowing developers to add new functionality to Facebook’s popular messaging platform. (ex: Chat Bots)

New Real-Time Commenting System– The commenting system on Facebook hasn’t seen an overhaul in awhile, but now they are deploying a real time system so you can see comments as they are submitted by users.

Facebook Embeddable Videos– Facebook is taking a play right from YouTube and now allowing users to embed a Facebook video on external sites.

Spherical Video– You will now see 3D spherical videos on your newsfeed. While viewing on a flat screen might not be so jaw dropping, once you strap on an Oculus headset, you have stunning VR right on your newsfeed.

Parse for the Internet of Things– Parse is a set of SDKs that will be the brains and frame work of how connected devices will work and talk to each other.

LiveRail– LiveRail is an ad exchange that fills ad space within apps and sites to the highest bidder. Facebook announced two new changes to this platform: they’ll now support mobile display ads in addition to video and you can now view anonymized Facebook data to make a decision on which one of the ads you should show.

Analytics for Apps– Being Facebook has a lot of information on who is using their app, they now want to help developers figure out who is using their app.

Day Two

Connectivity Lab– Facebook is working on new technologies that will help connect the unconnected and improve the experience to the underserved. These new technologies are focused on improving the speed, efficiency, and quality of the internet around the world.

Artificial Intelligence– Ongoing research into the world of AI focused on better ways for people to connect such as language translation, image understanding and classifying videos/photos in real time. (Click here for a great write up about all these great technologies Facebook is looking to bring to life) 

Social VR– Facebook’s VR team is researching new ways on how people can connect and share using VR technology. Some of the new things they are trying to work on is combining a sense of presence with the ability to interact with the environment and communicating to other people.


There’s a lot of cool and interesting stuff coming our way from the fantastic minds at Facebook.

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