Consumer Tech Pitching Tips Straight From BuzzFeed

If you ever get the chance to attend a newsroom event, do it – no questions asked, no wondering what you might wear – just go. I attended PRSA Silicon Valley’s, “Inside the Newsroom with BuzzFeed” last week to get a pulse on BuzzFeed’s consumer tech focus, and let me just say, no regrets. No, not even a single letter.

The panel was hosted at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus and featured SF bureau chief Mat Honan, Jess Misner (BuzzFeed Buzz) and Nicole Nguyen (BuzzFeed Life).

See some tips for pitching from BuzzFeed below:

  • Social connection, please – Stories that pique BuzzFeed interest include making connections where technology and humans come together
  • Brevity preferred – Keep the email body short (2-3 sentences max) and the subject line descriptive. The less packaging the better – journalists want to write their own story, not have you hand it to them
  • Phone calls: a double edged sword – “Like to call, don’t like to be called.” Email follow up is always, always preferred. Phone calls are found interrupting and will likely not be answered at all
  • Update your lists – Out of date media lists remain as the number one pet peeve for reporters
  • Don’t check on current work – They’re all likely working on 12 stories at a time, there’s very little chance they want to pick through them and talk about them


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